Digital Transformation – Accounts Payable for Distribution with IBM and Miria

Digital Transformation – Accounts Payable for Distribution with IBM and Miria

Miria Educational Webinar

Accounts Payable Automation for Distribution

The distribution industry faces unique challenges managing the receipt of invoices from their many suppliers because of the variety of formats they receive. This gets compounded for those companies with multiple business locations where they may be receiving different invoice formats from the same supplier based on the supplier’s regional branch practices.

The other major challenge most distribution companies face is the ability to reconcile invoices against purchase orders, keeping track of quantities ordered and at what price verses quantities received and amounts charged, not to mention the appropriate application of tax.

What if we could digitally transform every document that hits your mailbox, email, or the fax machine at the point of origin and process all invoices regardless of type or regional format.

Accounts Payable management is one of the largest sources of paper, but did you know it is also the easiest to automate and ultimately make paperless.

In this webinar, Miria Systems will show you how Active Pay can automate the accounts payable lifecycle as the case study for improving efficiency, effectiveness, and complete process automation. We will discuss how to easily reconcile invoices by comparing the invoice detail lines to PO items received or authorized.

We will also touch on the compliance impact of automation with the number one content centric platform from IBM.

The Replay of the Webinar will be available shortly