Enhanced Artificial Intelligence (formerly polymorphic intelligence)

Enhanced Artificial Intelligence (formerly polymorphic intelligence)

Driving AP Automation with Enhanced Artificial Intelligence

Author: Martin Michael

Last week Miria introduced a new term to customers: Enhanced Artificial Intelligence (AI).

At Miria, we have always been innovative in terms of assisting our customers to improve their business processes. We take the term "business automation" seriously, and are constantly in search of ways to improve how our customers manage their business. As an IBM Partner of 20+ years, we are in the process of applying IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence capabilities into our products to the benefit of our customers. With Mailroom 3, the use of AI is small and is augmented by the capabilities we have perfected over the years with Machine Learning, Complex Business Rules Processing, and other capabilities already built into the Miria Mailroom product.

So what is enhanced artificial intelligence?

It is the technology strategy by which machine and human intelligence are merged together to create a single intellectual entity capable of far greater intelligence than either is capable of when acting alone. Both human and machine intelligence are obtained through learning and building on natural intellect, which itself is obtained only from learned experience. By creating a single, systematic process whereby the human and the machine can provide feed back to each other, and learn, the level of intelligence is increased exponentially.

In simple terms, this means that the Miria products will continue to become more intelligent and more automated. But, just as important as automation and AI are, the way we integrate these capabilities into the human experience is even more critical. We don't subscribe to the perfect AI world, but we do subscribe to integrating AI into the human user experience to create an enjoyable and effective application experience.

What's next? Stay tuned for future announcements about how Miria will utilize Watson AI to improve decision making, optimize payment processing, and to identify potentially fraudulent activities.

The future is now.