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Miria Systems is an IBM Premier Business Partner.  To maintain our status as a partner we must continually train and test our consultants to assure that they can deliver customer value at every phase of our engagements.  Our Subject Matter Experts are thought leaders on FileNet, Datacap, Cognos, Maximo and many other IBM Enterprise Solutions. Read More . . .
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Mira Systems maintains one of the most extensive staffs of Enterprise Content and Document Management.  We offer independent support and training programs to help you to manage your document management systems, workflows, solutions, and the people that manage. Read More . . .
At a conference last month, I sat in a room with several product managers from different OEM companies.  The speaker was there to talk about the value of cloud computing and why the current trend was continuing to escalate into all markets, including manufacturing.  He was quite convincing.  He addressed the biggest concerns over privacy and security of data and concerns over a loss of control.  He discussed at length the tremendous cost advantages and
I am aware that several manufacturing companies  have been following a best-practice control system integration strategy for several years. These strategies are usually  based on the best practices as defined by ISA-S88 and ISA-S95 and as implemented by their own engineering departments.   The choices of technology in use are less relevant today than they were a few years ago before these standards became common place and actually accepted standards.   Just a few years ago the

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