Miria Client Success Story Shared at 2019 IBM Automation Conference

Miria Client Success Story Shared at 2019 IBM Automation Conference

Miria was invited to share a client success story at the 2019 IBM Automation conferences in both NYC and Chicago this June. The presentations focused on sharing information about a successful client, its implementation and results.

Miria chose to tell the story of its client, Beverage Distribution Center Inc. (BDCI) and its implementation of Miria’s ActiveOps solution.

With about 56 percent of enterprises still manually processing their accounts payable with paper, there are enormous inefficiencies in labor, time and cost. For instance, given the average cost to process a single invoice is $19, there is an inherent ROI for even modest improvements through automation. If your automation leverages best-in-class solutions like ActiveOps, cost of processing an invoice for under $2 can be achieved. That’s over a $17 gap in potential savings per invoice which can be realized. For organizations processing tens or hundreds of thousands of invoices per month, these are dramatic savings which can contribute to the bottom line.

About our Client

BDCI is a nonalcoholic beverage bottler and distributor based in New Jersey that provides administrative and warehouse services for notable products including Pepsi, Canada Dry, and many other national and regional brands. BDCI has been a Miria customer since 2017.

BDCI recognized the need to move from manual AP processing, citing the lack of visibility into invoices/documents, corporate directives to lower costs, difficulty finding or managing paper-based documents and the inability to effectively manage cash as key drivers for automation.

Given BDCI services 30 office locations processing 15,000 invoices per month generated by 3,000 suppliers,the desire to change the status quo was understandable.

After implementing Miria’s ActiveOps solution, BDCI gained complete, on-demand visibility of all invoices, improved their compliance with stringent sales tax audits, streamlined its AP processes, achieved accountability throughout the process, improved supplier communications, and generated tangible savings in time and money.

Some lessons learned from this automation implementation journey include:

(1) It pays to work with a proven leader (2) Organizations should be willing to adapt business processes to enhance digital strategies (3) Automation does not replace humans, but rather enhances them

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