Miria OSG Presents an Automation Webinar: Early Pay Discounts & Payment Rebates

Miria OSG Presents an Automation Webinar: Early Pay Discounts & Payment Rebates

November 11, 2019 - Norristown, PA Miria OSG announces its upcoming industry webinar open to the public on Tuesday, December 10th at 1:00pm

The webinar topic is focused on the world of intelligent automation - and plans to specifically discuss the topic of early pay discounts (dynamic discounting) and savings rebates associated with implementing an AP Automation to Payment Optimization solution.

The webinar is set to be lead by industry expert, Stephen L. Pietrzak and will be an informative, interactive discussion no more than 30 minutes. The speaker encourages participants to come with questions to ask during the event to better tailor the discussion.

"The webinar will focus on the real benefits an organization can achieve with intelligent automation and payment optimization solutions. Not just the efficiency benefits, but rather focusing on the bottom-line, hard-number savings and rebates that many organizations do not know they can capitalize on" states Stephen Pietrzak, Miria Systems Business Development Executive.

If you'd like to register for the webinar, you can find the link below. Additionally, if you have questions prior to the event, please reach out to the contact information below.

Stephen Pietrzak

To learn more about the potential savings an automation solution brings, or try out Miria's savings calculator tool, visit the page below. Webinar attendees will also receive premium content and a recorded webinar version after the event concludes.