Miria Unveils Powerful New Suite of Business Process Automation Applications with the Launch ActiveOps™

Miria Unveils Powerful New Suite of Business Process Automation Applications with the Launch ActiveOps™

Miria Unveils Powerful New Suite of Business Process Automation Applications with the Launch ActiveOps

February 5, 2014—Norristown, PA—Miria Systems, a provider of industry-leading financial and operational software products that enable centrally managed, operationally dispersed companies to automate the Active-Opsmanagement of their traditionally paper-driven accounting, finance, and HR business processes, has officially unveiled a robust new suite of finance and HR applications as part of the launch of its ActiveOps™ platform.

Through ActiveOps, Miria is able to deploy the expanded functionality in its accounting, financial, and HR applications with unprecedented speed, efficiency, and cost savings. This highly configurable Cloud-enabled application platform flexibly integrates with existing systems and business content, to minimize deployment time and further accelerate the time to benefits gained from implementing Miria’s business process automation tools. The platform also consolidates access to Miria’s full application suite within a single web portal, enabling customers to streamline collaboration around business-critical content capture and management workflows. “ActiveOps was designed to close the gap between our customer’s corporate business groups and the managers of their dispersed locations,” said Marty Michael, CEO of Miria. “This platform provides rapidly growing retailers, restaurants, and other multi-location businesses with unmatched ability to centralize collaboration, quickly automate internal processes, and scale flexibly.”

With the ActiveOps launch, Miria has also released its new Active Finance™ and Active HR™ application suites, which greatly expand upon the functionality formerly available in its Managed$Pay AP solution (now rebranded as Active Pay™). “These applications extend our value to all critical areas of internal operation, providing powerful tools to capture, analyze, report, control, and act on many types of business-critical operating data,” said Michael. From automating the collection and processing of accounts payable, travel and expense, GL coding, and utility cost documentation, to streamlining management of personnel and payroll files, onboarding paperwork, and other HR resources, these applications address a range of operational needs.

Through these launches, Miria is repositioning its business with a clear focus on products that speed time to value, accelerate ROI, and drive immediate productivity benefits. “For 25 years, Miria has been leading the path to smarter business through smarter capture and management of critical operating data, documents, and content,” Michael said. “Today we are using that same efficiency-driven expertise to lead companies to the benefits of our ActiveOps applications, delivered on a smarter platform for rapid, flexible growth.”

About Miria

Miria empowers operationally dispersed but centrally managed companies to work smarter for less cost, delivering powerful tools to automate the management of traditionally paper-driven accounting, finance, and HR business processes. Through its highly configurable Cloud-based software platform, ActiveOps, the company is able to deploy robust applications for the intelligent capture and management of unstructured content with unprecedented speed – enabling unmatched time to value, accelerated ROI, and rapid scalability to support continued growth. Miria is an IBM Premier Business Partner for Smarter Content Solutions.

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