Miria OSG offers Payment Automation Potential Savings Analysis Tool

Miria OSG offers Payment Automation Potential Savings Analysis Tool

Norristown, Pennsylvania – December 3rd, 2019 – Miria Systems, a leader in accounts payable automation and payment optimization, offers new payment automation savings tool and analysis for organizations to visualize their potential savings with automation and payment optimization.

Miria releases a new tool that allows organizations to conduct an automation and payment optimization potential savings analysis. Users can now learn about payment optimization and the importance of automating business processes via Miria's latest web page. Here, users can use a calculator tool to discover the potential monetary savings that their organization can capitalize on if implementing an automation and payments solution.

"With the help of our partners, we can conduct formal analyses for potential payment process savings for those interested in implementing a full solution. However, many organizations are not ready to provide all the data to complete such an analysis. This is why our new tool is so helpful" States Scott Azzolina, VP of Channel Sales at Miria, "The tool allows users to easily adjust inputs to see the potential savings they can achieve by implementing an AP and Payment Automation Solution. It's simply a high-level overview that allows users to gain insight into what their organization may be missing before having to implement a solution".

The new calculator has users input a few fields of information, and easily drag percentage bars to see the differences in potential savings outcomes. It serves to be a visual, comprehensive aid to organizations trying to understand the benefits of such solutions.

About Miria Systems Inc.

Miria, established in 1996, is a leading provider of intelligent business process automation for business processes specializing in accounts payable and expenses. Miria has evolved from a document management solution into a best-in-class Cloud provider of digital business automation. Miria brings automation, mobile accessibility, cloud technology and big data to a client’s financial operations to transform paper processing into a streamlined, straight through business process. Miria is an OSG Company, IBM Gold Business Partner, and IBM DBA Expert.