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Convergence of Cash

November 28, 2018 Miria, an OSG Company, transforms traditional invoicing by enabling businesses of all sizes to replace paper bills, statements, invoices, payments and documents with more efficient process automation. We go to market providing medium to large size business customers a secure, configurable, white-label, industry-leading Cloud solution. To manage cash flow effectively, businesses must manage both assets & liabilities. It is increasingly important for the business to use its cash flow as a strategic…
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OSG Billing Services Acquires Miria Systems, Inc.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE OSG Billing Services Acquires Miria Systems, Inc. The acquisition expands OSG’s integrated payment platform by  leveraging Miria’s intelligent business automation   RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ – August 21, 2018 – OSG Billing Services (OSG), a leading provider of omnichannel billing and payment solutions, customer engagement and critical customer communication management, today announced that it has completed the acquisition of Miria Systems, Inc. (Miria), a leading provider of intelligent business process automation specializing in…
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Its 2020, how are you going to effectively transform the requirements of your financial operations?

July 23, 2018 In the United States, the stage is being set for a business process automation showdown.  With an aging workforce, low unemployment, Visa concerns and a tech-savy younger generation, how are you going to retain and  maintain your back office financial operations that run your business?  As these forces collide, business leaders are looking for an answer. Business leaders know the manual processing of payables, receivables and travel expenses need to be automated…
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Knock Down Those Barriers!

Everyone wants to be better! If you are great at Accounts Payable (AP) processing, you want to be greater, however, there are a host of reasons preventing you from getting greater and eliminating all that paper processing. In a recent Paystream Advisors* report, the two biggest obstacles to AP Automation are Lack of Budget (30% Surveyed) and Current Processes Work (24% Surveyed). These are very real obstacles that prevent organizations from improving their AP Processing…
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Is Tax a four letter word in Accounts Payable?

Sales Tax Challenges? Reconciliation of Sales and Use taxes are necessary in most business transactions between buyers and sellers of goods.  Validation and transparency are especially important in Accounts Payable (AP).  Taxes are a byproduct of the goods or services provided to the buyer from the seller.  To pay for those goods/services, the buyer must insure all the goods/services on the invoice were received, verify a purchase order was processed, the vendor is in good…
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Are you ready for Accounts Payable Automation?

Scalable Automation for Finance Everyone in the Accounts Payable (AP) industry knows automation is fundamental to an efficient business operation and quicker access to working capital.  The effort and potential for disruption to get there deters some organizations from initiating that transformation to an automated AP process.  At Miria, we understand what needs to be done for your business operations to achieve best in class AP Automation results.  We also understand evolving your business into…
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Re-imagine Your Back Office Financial Processes into a Paper-Free Workflow

July 25, 2017 Technology and the widespread use of electronic documents, can bring simplification, transparency, and operational efficiency to your back office. However, back office automation comes with its own set of challenges for companies that are outgrowing the capacities of their current systems and require specialized service to realize the value. As some companies have migrated paper document workflows to digital platforms, many are still stuck in the “paper era.” Merging workflow and transferring…
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What are the Costs of Paper in Accounts Payable processing?

July 06, 2017 A study by AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management) highlights the actual cost of all that paper processing.  They looked at 201 businesses with paper processing to analyze the total costs.  Surprising?   Now is the time to make the Business Case for your organization to automate Accounts Payable and start realizing the benefits of an efficient back office. What do you think are the total costs (incl. staffing and other resources) to process…
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