Miria ActiveOps:

Smarter Capture and
Content Management—
All on a Smarter Platform.

The most robust and flexible applications for accounting,
finance, and HR business process automation — delivered
with unprecedented speed, efficiency, and cost savings.

Transform unstructured
content from a costly struggle
to a valuable advantage.

From reducing complexity and process cycle times to 
minimizing data entry errors and exceptions, Miria’s business
process automation tools drive quantifiable ROI within weeks.

Close the gap between
your corporate business
groups and your distributed
business locations.

ActiveOps consolidates access to all Miria’s tools within
a central web portal, enabling streamlined collaboration
between locations around business-critical financial
and operational workflows.

Minimize deployment time
and further accelerate
your time to value.

The highly configurable, Cloud-based ActiveOps platform
flexibly integrates with your existing systems and business
content, so you can implement our proven solutions faster,
for less cost, and with unmatched time to benefits.

The ActiveOps Application Suite:

Powerful tools to capture, analyze, report, control, and act on your business-critical operating data.

active finance

Save processing time. Ensure accountability.


active hr

Streamline access. Track documents and tasks with ease.


active pay

Active Pay

Automate receipt-to-pay processes for all involved in invoice review and approval.
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active expense

Active Expense

Seamlessly track, verify and validate all travel and expense related documents.
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active personnel

Active Personnel

Improve employee records and payroll management through electronic access and tracking.
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active onboarding

Active Onboarding

Streamline the completion and submission of new hire forms and paperwork.
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active ledger

Active Ledger

Ensure financial transactions are approved and linked to the proper supporting documentation.
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active energy

Active Energy

Manage utility use and costs to identify savings opportunities and measure sustainability metrics.
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active training

Active Training

Consolidate and organize performance-building manuals and documents.
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active feedback

Active Survey

Track customer kudos and complaints for each employee for proper follow up.
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active mailroom

Active Mailroom

Electronically manage incoming documents,
scanning, process-based emails, and faxes
through mail room automation.
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activeops for retail
For Retailers and Restaurants

ActiveOps for Retail provides multi-location retailers and restaurants with a single point of access to Miria’s robust suite of business process automation tools—giving both corporate and distributed team members secure access to the applications they need to streamline collaboration, workflows, and follow-up.

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