The ActiveOps Application Suite:

Powerful tools to capture, analyze, report, control, and act on your business-critical operating data.

active finance

Save processing time. Ensure accountability.


active pay

Active Pay

Automate receipt-to-pay processes for all involved in invoice review and approval.
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active expense

Active Expense

Seamlessly track, verify and validate all travel and expense related documents.
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active ledger

Active Ledger

Ensure financial transactions are approved and linked to the proper supporting documentation.
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active hr

Streamline access. Track documents and tasks with ease.


active personnel

Active Personnel

Improve employee records and payroll management through electronic access and tracking.
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active onboarding

Active Onboarding

Streamline the completion and submission of new hire forms and paperwork.
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active training

Active Training

Consolidate and organize performance-building manuals and documents.
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active mailroom

Active Mailroom

Electronically manage incoming documents,
scanning, process-based emails, and faxes
through mail room automation.
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