Automate your way
to Success

Intelligent Automation for High-Volume,
Document Intensive Business Processes

Accounts Payable

Digitally transform your business
and reduce costs associated with
processing invoices

Payment Automation & Optimization

Improve cash flow by
controlling who to pay,what
to pay, how to pay, and when to pay

Business Process

Automate any document intensive manual
process such as medical claims,
applications, receipts, etc.

Advanced Document Capture & OCR

Miria's Advanced Document Capture & Optical Character Recognition (OCR) application provide a high rate of data OCR accuracy. Using Enhanced Artificial Intelligence, the system enables customers to automate the process of capturing, reading, classifying and routing without the need for manual data input or human processing.

Our Intelligent Automation Business Solutions are built upon IBM's industry-leading Digital Business Automation (DBA) Platform

A Solution for Multiple Industries

Miria's solution is configurable for companies or organizations across any industry. We have clients in financial services, distribution and retail, industrial, logistics, public sector and healthcare among others.

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