Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Miria's ActiveOps solution incorporates the highest capacity and capabilities of artificial intelligence. You can rely on our technology and services for a completely automated document capture process.

Enjoy the extra time in your schedule thanks to our machine-learning technology with enhanced artificial intelligence.

Why is Active Mailroom better than other OCR Solutions?

Active Mailroom utilizes enhanced artificial intelligence to practically eliminate the amount of human interaction required. Every document passes through multiple steps that incorporate machine learning, structured rule definitions, artificial intelligence and robotic process automation.

This multiple-layered approach greatly reduces the number of errors and exceptions in the process

Provides back-end services and support that include human review by the Miria team & verification of exceptions

Continued automation improvement through enhanced artificial intelligence
and machine learning.

Artificial Intelligence and ActiveOps
Future Directions

Miria's ActiveOps roadmap includes a plan for greater use of artificial intelligence (AI), leveraging IBM's leadership position and products (e.g. IBM Watson).

Through AI, Activeops will continually analyze financial data to identify trends, anomalies and opportunities for business improvement.

We envision the intelligent application to present options for our clients to consider and potentially implement on the go. Examples would be a chat box that would recommend potential courses of action that would reduce costs or improve cash flow.

"This invoice is 50% higher than any other invoice you've received from this supplier.
Do you want to take a closer look?"

"You can wait another 12 days
before you submit this payment without penalty. Do you want to do this?"

"If you pay this batch by ACH, you can save
$55,000 in check processing costs. Would
you like to schedule this now?"

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