Knock Down Those Barriers!

Knock Down Those Barriers!

Everyone wants to be better!

If you are great at Accounts Payable (AP) processing, you want to be greater, however, there are a host of reasons preventing you from getting greater and eliminating all that paper processing. In a recent Paystream Advisors* report, the two biggest obstacles to AP Automation are Lack of Budget (30% Surveyed) and Current Processes Work (24% Surveyed). These are very real obstacles that prevent organizations from improving their AP Processing automation capabilities.To overcome these obstacles, you may need to take a different approach to achieve AP Automation. An approach to AP Automation where you can manage the implementation timeline, the investment and the amount of change management your organization is able to assume. This phased approach can knock down some of the barriers encountered on your road to Best in Class AP Automation.

Miria offers Levels of AP Automation, an agile implementation approach, to provide small to large businesses with a starting point of a base automation experience and over an organization’s timeline, graduate into a Best in Class AP Automation experience. Simply stated, you can manage the budget and how much change management you want to consume by choosing which LEVELS of AUTOMATION works best, right now, for your business. This flexible implementation approach of graduating into a Best in Class AP Automation organization, knocks down the two biggest barriers to achieving AP Automation; budget and embracing process change management. Operating at a Best in Class AP Automation level frees up working capital for your business to use cash flow to invest in competitive advantages and business growth. Accounts Payable becomes an important financial tool in your strategic planning. Miria’s AP Levels of Automation has 4 components. Each Level is defined by customizable feature sets. Each Level of AP Automation deployed brings realized business benefits as you set your course to becoming a Best in Cass Accounts Payable provider. Together, let’s begin to knock down those barriers with Miria’s Level of AP Automation.

*2016 PayStream Advisors, Invoice Workflow Automation Report